July 15, 2009

Ventilation and Heat Recovery System

Modern Design
Modern Design
Modern Design
A bunch of people have been working on a project called Artica, which is a natural cooling, ventilation and heat recovery system. The beauty of the design is that it not only looks and works well, but it also boasts of using less than 10% of the energy of a conventional air conditioning system. Its ratio of thermal to electrical energy rating or COP is 32 making it ten times niftier than the gas chamber of AC you have on your window. Using Artica will reduce your carbon footprint as CO2 emissions are cut by 90%.

A company has been set up to commercialize the technology, supported by Design London (a joint collaboration between Imperial College and The Royal College of Art) and funded through NESTA
Other “eco friendly” features in Atrica include the re-use of materials that are the bi-product of other industries, which would have landed up in landfills and exemption of toxic coolant gases that give out green house gases.
Artica, a project developed by a group of designers supported by Design London and funded through NESTA, is a natural cooling and ventilation system for interiors that incorporates creative design
The good deal about Artica is that it’s not just on paper, it’s been prototyped and tested with customer trials underway.
while remaining almost wholly sustainable. Recently prototyped with trails underway for mass production, Artica will use less than 10% of the energy your conventional HVAC system uses. Visually incorporative, the design quality of its sleek and modern frame is only enhanced by the fact that it was deliberately designed to utilize re-used bi-products from other industries. Needless to say, anything that saves the earth while retain a rigorous design standard is okay in my book.


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