July 13, 2009

Fort: Recycled Magnetic Acoustic Modular Partitions

Developed as high-performance acoustic partitions, designer Arihiro Miyake’s Fort partitions are extraordinarily modular in their conception modern design. Developed from recycled PET bottle fiber, each piece of the partition is held together with high-powered magnets strong enough to hold it together indefinitely.

More importantly, the magnets allow for the structures to be very easily modified to suit the needs of the space. Because this modern design is so creative, it would actually be interesting to see these Miyake’s Fort modern design used in other applications aside from just a partition. For example, the edge of a couch, the legs of a inventive table or floating sculptural elements to hold up modern design creative lighting. This is why I love the basic components of modular designs: they can be shifted or adjusted to suit just about anyone’s creative needs.


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